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Michael Patrick    Carey



      This site is our tribute to our beloved husband and father, and a way to keep Michael with us and available to all who knew and loved him.  It is a place we come to for remembrance and encouragement.    We thank everyone who has been so loving and supportive to us during Michael's life, his illness, and his passing.  Although the ceremonies are now past, we are still getting used to Michael's new life and ours without him here.  

Michael treasured his friends as well as his family.  Please feel free to continue to share any stories or thoughts with us by clicking the "Tell us your story" box in the lower right of this page. We treasure every story and thought.



Here is the remembrance Michael's youngest daughter Nora shared at the funeral mass:


"I'm going to keep this short because my father hated long drawn out services for anything.

I'd like to start with a quote I love about fatherhood:


'I believe that what we become depends on what our fathers teach us at odd moments. We are formed by little scraps of wisdom.'

-Umberto Eco


My father of course taught us many things directly. We actually have many Dad Quotes we've affectionately recited to each other for years.  For example:

After a long trip:

'Everybody take something in!'

At the dinner table:

'Don't fill up on bread!'(and that was before Atkins)

And the one I heard a lot:

'You've got everything going for you - don't screw it up!'


But more importantly he taught us through his actions, through his character, his integrity, his compassion, his great sense of humor and of course his devotion to his family. He touched everyone he met and inspired them with his stubborn persistence and positive outlook, qualities I proudly inherited from him or perhaps acquired through example.


I can hear my father saying, 'ok wrap it up!' so in closing I would like to finish with a thought that carries me through my life daily and especially this part of the journey:

'We are not humans having a spiritual experience, but spirits having a human experience.'


I know my father is here eternally, for guidance and love, in spirit.

Thank you."











Michael Patrick Carey

- Born August 30, 1945

- Father, grandfather, car afficionado.

- Sadly left us on January 24, 2014.


"How often you fear the road up ahead,

How often you dread the unknown,

How often, too, do you tend to forget

That you'll never walk alone.


For there's One who well knows where you're going,

He's sure every step of the way,

For long, long ago He walked the same path

That you and I travel today.


And He understands every misgiving,

For fear is a part of us all,

But in faith make each step firm and steady,

And the father will not let you fall.


Just remember He's walking beside you

With love that will never fail,

His arm around your shoulders,

His eye upon the trail."

by Lee Simmons


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