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About Michael...

Michael Patrick Carey was born in Holyoke, Massachusetts in 1945 to Michael & Phylomena Carey.

He was joined a few years later by his brother Phillip Carey.


Mike grew up in South Hadley, Mass. in a sweet little Cape Cod house bordering a woods where the boys would play all day and come home for dinner (you could do that back then!)


In honor of Mike's love of concise lists and the fewest words possible we've decided to list the important facts about his life below:

  • Graduated High School 1963

  • Entered the army in 1965

  • Honorably discharged as a disabled veteran in 1968

  • Graduated from Western New England College in 1970

  • Married to Jody in 1970

  • Started working for Allied Signal in 1972

  • Bought first house in South Hadley, Mass. in 1973

  • Daughter Kate in 1973

  • Daughter Jessie in 1976

  • Daughter Nora 1981

  • Moved to Jackson, Tennessee in 1981

  • Moved to Medford, New Jersey in 1986

  • Retired from Measurement Specialties in 2004 and started RVing!

  • Became a grandfather to Roxanne MaryBella (mother is Nora) in 2011


In November of 2010 Michael was diagnosed with brain cancer and fought it with ferocity and strength for 3+ years. His resiliance, persistance and love throughout his life and his battle were a joy and lesson to everyone who came into contact with him.


Mike loved cars, boats, RV's, anything with an engine. He was a devout Catholic and his faith saw him through any challenges in his life. He was an expert marksman and enjoyed hunting and firearms throughout his life.

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